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Your submission will not be included if you do not sell insurance or provide some other service that would be appropriate to the needs of our website visitors!

You cannot submit to either the United States or Canada category; choose a more specific region.

If you are obtaining a free listing on our site because of a link on your site to ours, you may only choose one region for your listing.  For additional listings in other states you must purchase a paid listing.

If your submission is dependent upon a link to VirtualInsuranceAdvisor.com:
-You must maintain the link to keep your listing with us.  We check for return links several times per month.
-While it does not necessarily need to be on your main webpage, your link must be on a major page within your insurance agency website (not a seperate unrelated site).  
-Although we are not overly critical of link placement, we do not accept links from "link farms", which are webpages full of links that serve no other purpose than to provide links.
-Your link cannot use any deceptive cloaking techniques like using a text color matching the background color or javascript.
-If you would prefer to use a banner to link to VirtualInsuranceAdvisor.com contact us and we will be happy to provide an image.

We reserve the right to refuse or remove any listing on our site at any time.  For paid listings, we will gladly refund any payment amount if this occurs.  For a mid-term refund the payment refund will be pro-rated.

For further questions or clarification of these submission rules please contact us directly. 

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